Őrségi Patakparti Alpaka Farm and Guesthouse



100% alpaca wool yarn

plush alpacas and souvenirs that can be purchased and viewed at the Patakparti Alpaka Guesthouse.

The alpacas are cute little animals from the family of South American camels. One of the best quality wool in the world is made of their fur.

The clothes of the Inca kings were also made of alpaca wool.

The world’s leading fashion companies like to work with it. Its fiber structure is extremely soft, so we never feel stingy.

Much lighter than sheep’s fur, airy, the feel of carded wool is like stroking the clouds of angels.

The alpaca yarns and products we sell are all made from the fur of our farm animals without additives.

100% alpaca products guaranteed.

The processing of wool (carding, spinning) is done by a friend of ours, using traditional machines inherited from his father. We do not use chemicals for washing, we only clean the fur with crystal clear spring water without any detergents. The yarns are not dyed, and the different shades of color can be observed on the animals on our farm.

The souvenirs are made from 100% alpaca wool provided by us in a little craft workshop in the corner of the Alföld, with fine handwork and the ancient crocheting technique used by our grandmothers. These are complemented by traditional embroidery, felting and a special workflow that makes some products look as silky as real alpaca hair.

We offer other alpaca souvenirs as well, hoping to preserve the memories of a relaxing stay at the Őrségi Patakparti Alpaka Guesthouse.

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Dear Visitors, Alpaca Fans!

Unfortunately, the time has come for our alpacas to outgrow the farm. The consequence of a cloudless happy alpaca life is the abundant childbirth, which requires more space, which, of course, is limited, so we are forced to sell them with a sore heart.

We want our alpacas to be in a place with abundant meadow, pasture, good quality hay, proper living space and companionship. It is not enough for us to enjoy their beauty and caress, we also need to take care of their happiness.

Therefore, I would kindly ask that only those should apply who agree to this.


Who will be very sad for FLAVOR

Beautiful, caring, the pride of our farm, father of eight children.

The best father, seven children, was born here

A beautiful stud male is for sale. He is from dutch and new zealand parents registered at the AZVD organization, microchipped, AAA grade. He has 8 children on our farm, all of them wonderful. We sell him sadly, like every other animal, but the population growth is too much and the room is too little. He is still our best stud male.

He has a beautiful appearance, a very nice head and body shape, a friendly, caressing alpaca, especially recommended for breeders who want to maintain their purity and create a high quality farm.

NAME: Flavour

Color: white

Date of birth: 2010.01.23.

Price: 700.000 Ft

Our email address: tarnay.gyorgy@t-online.hu

Our phone number: +36-30-8515-556