Őrségi Patakparti Alpaka Farm and Guesthouse


Self-organized, unique programmes what couldn’t be found elsewhere:

  • Detailed program recommendations about the National Park of Őrség and the neighbouring austrian and slovenian national parks.
  • Barbecue for which we provide the ingredients or you can bring them if you wish and for which we provide all the supplies needed.
  • Riverbed cooling therapy. I learned from the alpacas, who soak their feet int he cold spring water during summer heatwaves, that this is the best way to cope with the excrutiating heat. We put benches and chairs in the riverbed, where you can play chess or card have a conversation with each other while cooling your feet in the river. Better than air-conditioning.
  • Petting the calves and cows safely under the supervision of my father, a farmer from Őrség.
  • Visiting the Alpaca Farm in Szaknyér, which is 3 kilometers away from the pension. You can get there by walking, by bicycle or by car (6 km). You have to make an appointment at the reception if you would like to visit the farm.
  • Watching carelian may-flies at the lake of the Alpaca Farm. These may-flies can only be found in Őrség, and they can be observed at the same time as day-flies just a few days, luck is also needed for this. they belong to the family of arthropods and are strictly protected, their theoretical value is 100.000 Ft. We will notify on our website if we experience their presence.
  • Watching marsh-marigolds. Hundreds of them start blooming early in spring on our farm in Szaknyér, they are strictly protected and are beautiful and expensive plants decorating the pond.
  • From the end of July int he canyoned forests – which are part of our farm in Szaknyér – alpine cyclamens blooming which are also protected and cover the forest ground like a purple blanket. The alpine cyclamen’s conservation value is 5.000 Ft.
  • In ’mushroom season’ we organize ’mushroom tours’ with a local tour guide in case of enough inquiries.
  • A qualified masseur is at my guests’ disposal.
  • In case of more inquiries /min. 10 people/ we can offer ceramic painting and pottery lessons to our dear guests.
  • Visiting Vadása-lake (6km) on kittereen. This programme is connected to the visit to the Alpaca Farm. It is the most beautiful and well-known lake of Őrség, which is an excellent place for swimming. In 2016 it was rated one of the best quality bathing waters in Vas County. Here you have the possibility to eat ’lángos’ or doughnut and drink draft beer for a cheap price.
  • Due to the location of Őrség you have the opportunity to visit the beautiful landscapes of Austria and Slovenia.
  • AUSTRIA Raab National Park: visiting the castle of Gűssing
  • We recommend you to visit the castle of the Almásy family in Bernstein.
  • You shouldn’t miss out the visit to the ZOTTER chocolate factory in Riegersburg where you can get to know the procedure of of chocolate making. And don’t forget to visit the beautiful castle of Riegersburg built on a cank cliff which is 482 meters high.
  • SLOVENIA Goricko National Park. A special orchid farm, the lake of Bakónak and an adventure park can be found Dobronak.
  • Not far away from Dobronak, an excellent, high quality thermal bath can be found in Moravske Toplice.
  • Grad and its outskirts has a breathtaking view, we recommend you to visit the castle of Grad.
  • If you would like to see beautiful vineyards, don’t forget to visit the Jerusalem which has a unique panorama. The origin of the name is the following: the crusaders on their way to liberate the Holy Land stopped in Jerusalem and stayed there because they were enchanted by the wine, the view, and the beautiful women.
  • It is possible to rent bicycles int he pension, we have bicycles for both children and adults.
  • Table tennis, badminton, football available

Programmes nearby:

  • Vadása lake 6 km
  • Borostyán lake 9 km
  • The Belfry of Pankasz 2 km
  • Őrségi Vásár (Fair of Őrség), Tökfesztivál (Pumpkin Festival), Hétrétország (also a festival), Nyitott Porták (Open Ports), Virágzás Napja (Day of Flourishing) annually in Őriszentpéter.
  • Pityerszer-Skanzen, Szalafő 9km
  • Horseriding, horse carriage 7 km
  • Hot thermal bath in Szentgotthárd 25km
  • Lenti (thermak bath) 35 km
  • Zalaegerszeg Aquapark 35 km
  • Raab tour by canoeing or kayaking, Csákánydorosszló 8 km