Őrségi Patakparti Alpaka Farm and Guesthouse

About us

I come from a multi-generational farmer family. My father used to keep hundreds of free-range cattles, like people do on farms in the U.S., widely known as farmers.

2013.10.12 Szaknyér 070Therefore, it was clear to me that at some point I am going to live that life-style. Livestock has an old tradition in West-Hungary. The Alps can be found in our neighborhood. Thanks to  the humid climate of the Alps here can be found the richest pastures in the country.

Thanks to my experiences acquired in my childhood, I was happy to start this kind of job. I spent most of my free-time among animals. I was 3 years old, when a steer stepped on my earring tearing it out from my ear. It was a perfect lesson to me, so I learned everything what can be known about  free-range livestock. My first tought was to keep cattles, later on I realized it was not designed for women, especially when we speak about grazing. Later on, during my visits to South America I got to know the alpacas and their „relatives”: the vicuna and guanaco. It did not take a long time to realize, it is not impossible to keep alpacas in Hungary as well. My dream has come true partially:  beautiful alpacas are pasturing around the house. I devote many time and energy to them, because I believe the most important thing is to keep animals in good conditions.

2012.Argentina,Chile 654My goal is to create a farm where the world’s happiest alpacas live, who never wish to leave. I want to give them the absolute stress-free life and I try to possibly protect them from any illness or from any harmful environmental effects. I also try to think as alpacas: any time I am around them I raise the question: Would they like this? The answer to this question is the most important: this determines everything in my farm’s life. They do not like trimming, nail cutting, injection, but unfortunatelly there are some unpleasant things they have to go through. They do not need to serve people’s vanity at alpaca shows, I will take care of not attending such event. Which of the alpacas would voluntarily undertake a long travel which goes with environmental change and the trauma being away from the loved ones only for winning a fancy band? I do not consider vanity fair as an animal-friendly action rather as people’s unfeeling game where money is at stake.

009Nevertheless, I strive to breed nice looking animals where the healthy look is only a feedback from them to my attentiveness. According to my father, 40% of the animals’ quality and look is determined by the fact how you keep them. Also the veterinarian  shares my thoughts, so their experience can help me a lot. I hope I will  manage to produce a nice-looking alpaca portfolio and a high quality wool as well, so I can contribute to the domestic production of alpaca wool.

All the necessary fodder are prepared by myself, luckily I have the required arable. A first class meadow can be found near to us, so fodder during winter and also for pasturage is easily available. I try to carry out myself all the to-do-things around the farm, because we know : „ the farmer’s eyes feed the animal”

2012.okt. Szaknyér 004I finally found the purpose of my life, I recommend it to everyone who can afford it or attracted to these animals. Keep alpacas or other pleant-eater animals, I will help if I can, do not hesitate to contact me!

This job is wonderful, it gives joy and keeps me entertained.

Katalin Könye