Őrségi Patakparti Alpaka Farm and Guesthouse

Őrségi Patakparti Alpaka Farm


Dear Visitors! Surely there are some of you who have never seen an alpaca before. Several years ago I did not even know what’s an alpaca like. But for now, the first wonder has turned into an inseperable „togetherness”. Some of our visitors meet an alpaca for the first time. Everyone leaves us happily, some of them become „addicted” and come back more often. It’s always great to see children’s wondering eyes, and adult’s curiosity. Visits are free of charge, be our guest!

There are many species in the world’s wild life which are really beloved by all because of their charming appearance. These are for instance the bear and the koala bear. Some of the pretty-faced alpacas are even cuter and they have a special feature:  they can be kept  at houses as a pet. They represent a huge value and produce benefit in time. They give pleasure and keep us entertained. Having alpacas around the house is getting more and more popular in most parts of the world, which has become a cult for now. Get to know the South-american huacaya alpacas, keep browsing our website!

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